Idle heroes heroic miracle

Idle Heroes Events are indeed one of the most important parts of the game, which always gets a lot of attention from all players.

idle heroes heroic miracle

If you understand the way Events work inside out, you would get ultra-rare heroes and rewards a lot easier than other players.

Hence, today, I decided to make a small guide to show all of the most notable things you should pay attention to while doing Idle Heroes Events.

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The Check In menu is located at the top left of your game homescreen. Weekly events are held from Friday to Thursday. New events are introduced on Friday around 1 A. Due to the number of events that can appear as Weekly Events a full cycle will usually be around 4 weeks. It is impossible to know the exact events or rewards that will be introduced.

Luckily DH Games usually release some hints before Friday. However, the first 2 battles in the Crystal Crown League are free every day and the daily quests reward another 2x. Thus, by having patience you can complete all battles in the Crystal Crown League for free. This will save you around x. Tavern Quest Event.

During the Tavern Event you need to complete a certain amount of quests of a specific tier. Luckily, since the event has been changed to be a Monthly Event there is no need to rush it.

Therefore, whenever you find one of these quests you start it, but do not complete it until you have the exact amount to finish the event.

You can read more about the Tavern and how to refresh your quests here. Fusion and Awakening Event. The Fusion Event is no longer the worst event for new players. Changing it from a Weekly Event to a Monthly Event makes it very accessible for both new and veteran players alike.

Thus, you should rely on the monthly Fusion Event to keep Idle Heroes interesting. Fusion and Awakening Infographic. Creation Circle Infographic — Updated December 6th Broken Spaces Event. This is an event which is loved by veteran players who has an established PvE team, but disliked by beginners who have yet to build a team that can fight strong bosses.

These Challenge Badges can be used to attack the bosses introduced by Broken Spaces. However, it is not worth aiming for the per-battle rewards as they are of an insignificant amount. Though, after you have killed off the bosses you will be given great rewards and these can be seen in the image below. One of the most the most beloved events by players who have a high hero bag limit. But a bit more bothersome for players with a small hero bag limit.

These hero es will have a slightly higher chance to be summoned through.

idle heroes heroic miracle

The Prophet Summon event is most likely the biggest key to your growth since you can target heroes from a specific faction. This substantially increases your chances of getting a specific hero you are looking for.

The Prophet Summon Event is repeatable, meaning you can fully complete it up to a maximum of 4 times. For x you can swap a hero for another within the same faction.I n Idle Heroes, Events are definitely one of the most important parts. They are the main source for you to get all of the all of the most important items as well as the strongest Heroes in the game. By doing know how to make the most of these Events, you can get stronger a lot faster than everyone else.

In this article, you are going to read all of the best tips from the top players to make the most of the Events! These events last for 30 days. They only get reset once per month so you will have tons of time to complete them and get the valuable rewards! The new set of monthly events have just been added onto the game to make our game a lot more interesting!

If you win the battle, you will get 2 Points. If you lose, you will get only 1 point. Points will be used to get a lot of valuable rewards from the Event. Assuming that you win all of the battles, You will need a total of x Arena Tickets to completely finish the Militants Event. Remember that every day, you will get 2 free battles in the Crystal Crown League.

You can also get 2x Arena Tickets for free every day from the Daily Quests. This means you do not have to rush to finish the Crystal Crown League quests.

Make the most of the 2 free battles every day and you will be able to save x Tickets by the end of the month. The Tavern Event requires you to finish certain amount of Tavern Quests in order to get the valuable rewards.

Since you have up to 30 days, there is no reason to rush it. It is because the drop rates of these Events are super low. Only Complete them once you've had enough quests as required. The Fusion and Awakening Event is definitely one of the best Idle Heroes Events right now for not only new players but all players in game. Before, it was a weekly event, thus it was very hard for most players to fully complete the event in just 7 days.

For every fusion or awakening, you will get a mail of rewards to your Inbox. These Badges are used as the tickets for you to attack the Broken Space Bosses. You can also purchase them directly with Gems. During the event, there are 7 stages at Broken Space to challenge. Each challenge consumes 1 Challenge Badge.

Idle Heroes Guide for Beginner’s : 20+ Actionable Tips That Works!

Each challenge will earn you random reward and clearing a stage will get you corresponding clearance reward sent via mail. Broken Space stages can be smashed. Once you have smashed a stage, all the left Challenge Badges will be directly returned.

These events last for only 7 days. Do your best to complete them in time and get the valuable rewards! This is one of the biggest events in Idle Heroes as it gives the biggest rewards and is also very hard to be fully complete!

Opening 1 Scroll gives you 1 point.

Idle Heroes - 10 Star Iceblink - I'm Trash at PvP

From 1. This is a big reason why you should always spend your Heroic Summon Scrolls in this event to make the most of them. New Heroes are always introduced in the Heroic Summon Events. They have a better droprate than other ones during the Heroic Summon Events.It helps them in getting powerful rare heroes and rewards easily.

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To know about the events, you should go to the event menu which is present at the top right side of the main menu page. Events scheduled in the entire month. At a time events go together and to participate in the same weekly event one has to wait for approx a month. Only after observing the previous date of an event one can predict its next arriving time.

At the fusion event, a player gets the chance to use their four-star and form five-star and six-star fodder. For this, the player has to fuse their heroes in the fusion circle. Fusion event is thereby responsible for the growth of a players account. With each fusion, a player will get the prize. For the maximum rewards, one has to fuse 20 five-star heroes or 8 six-star heroes or 3 nine-star heroes, one ten-star hero.

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As the name says, the heroes have to battle here. They have to battle out in the crystal crown league as well as at the trail of the champions. For winning a prize in this event, all it needs is arena tickets. To make the most from this event, a player should focus more over the trail of the champion.

It is the most comfortable event among all the monthly events. To get rewards which is a gem at this event a player requires to find a few Traven quests. Different numbers of quests for different star heroes will get a player reward. Like to win four-star quest one need a four-star hero and has to complete thirty quests together. Similarly, in a five-star quest, one needs to complete twenty quests, in six-star quests five quests and seven-stars only two quests.

Performing in this event without much practice is effortless. It is primarily for the new players. Here they will win challenge badges from idle campaign maps that can be used to attack event bosses. At this event, a player can win rewards through the points they received. So, one need to earn decent points for which they have to use Prophet Orb. Usually, after gaining 80 points, a player can get all the prizes.

Using Prophet Orb also helps in receiving prophet blessing through which a player can use to change to five-star heroes. For winning a prize, one has to make use of the Heroic Summon Scroll.

idle heroes heroic miracle

These heroic Summon Scroll can help them in earning points and winning awards. Every scroll will get you one point, and by earning points, you can win various prizes. Furthermore, you can gain a lot of rare heroes in this event.This guide is made for S1 on the private server.

Some things are different on the seasonal or official servers. A general tip would be to always keep an end-game team in mind. Try to make a good plan that you can build up and improve upon in the future.

There is no point in talking about 5 or 6 star heroes. You are quickly over that point. Support heroes who buff your team can help with high burst damage increase teams attack or other attribute. This also applies in the tower.

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Queen, Barea, Karim and Skerei are all decent abyss heroes, but in my opinion less strong and useful than the above heroes. I would not recommend to make them. Karim is an exception since he is good in the aspen dungeon. However in my opinion Queen can be very good aswell with the right combination of heroes, aura and build. Walter and Blood Blade can do nice boss damage.

I would not recommend them for PvP. In boss fights healing can be important. For this i would use Vesa and a deer pet. Vesa can do a M damage to a Kamath marauder in 1 fight. She is a very good PvE hero.

You can search for a specific hero in the normal casino. Most heroes are available in the super casino except dark and light. Top tier heroes can be a reward for completing events. When you play for a couple weeks or months you start pulling good heroes from summons, orbs and replacements in the prophet tree.Idle Heroes is one of the best games you can ever come by. The game can be downloaded on both your iOS and even Android mobile devices.

Several technological advancements have also been made today that makes it possible to download this game on your PC, which will give you aces to the best possible options of playing the game and make the Idle Hero even more interesting than any other game out there.

The mobile version may be interesting, but the PC version of the game is even more interesting. Bear in mind, however, that the game even has more features when played on your PC. In fact, the developers do not make the game available for PC download. Those who want to play this game on their PC will have to go through a backdoor, which will not be described in this write-up for want of space. Lest we forget, the purpose of this write-up is to intimate the reader about as many of the best Idle Heroes events as possible.

Many players desire to participate in Idle heroes events and the events have become one of the most important features in the game. The events will have effects on your game every step of the way and they are simply unavoidable by any player that desires fast progress in the game. If you must usefully participate in the events without having to be drawn back by the effect, you should always get prepared by including ultra-rare heroes in your team and also getting rewards ready for the purpose.

We will divide the various events into two main categories, which are the past events and upcoming events; the classification depends on the time of year during which the events are to hold. Many of the events that will be discussed here are held annually and some are held several times in a year. Some other Idle Heroes events are held biennially.

We will try to mention as many of them as possible, provided we have as much space as required for a wholesome cover of the events. The points discussed in this write-up will guide you on the very important things to pay close attention to during Idle Heroes events.

One of the best ways to get information about upcoming events is via the event calendar. All the events are outlined clearly on the calendar so that all and sundry can get to see what is to be expected at just a glance. What is more, the event calendar is updated on a regular basis; this means they will give you up to date ideas about upcoming events. You can never get it wrong with the event calendar. Bear in mind also that the events calendar can be easily accessed online and from multiple sources.

Whatever source you consult, the contents of the event calendar will always be the same. The following are the items that will be featured in this event. Each of them is very important and add pep to the event, making it even more popular than imaginable:.

There will also be lucky or poster money bag. It is one of the most outstanding items in the event. Everyone will also have the chance to get great gifts from a bag that will contain lost of rewards. This is yet another wonderful even in the Chinese New Year. The game will give participants access to new Oblivion Tower levels.What are these mysterious events you keep hearing so much about in Idle Heroes? Well, in a nutshell, events are recurring sometimes one-off activities or, ehum, events, in which the player has to complete certain actions in order to be generously rewarded with loot and booty no, not that kind of booty if successful.

Once clicked, it will open up a list of currently available events. For the most part, each time-limited event is accessible for a week hours. These events are pretty straightforward, and revolve around claiming prizes for summoning high-level heroes. Currently, the top reward is 5 star, new hero ine Jahra.

Idle Heroes Events – Guide & Sneak Peeks

Sweet indeed, not to mention the powerful weapons, armor and other items up for grabs along the way. And what be these rewards, you ask greedily?

Similar to the Summon Prizes event, this summon event focuses on summoning a set number of 5-star heroes from each faction rather than a great number of heroes. This can be something like:. Completing one of these objectives earns you a different reward, usually in the form of 2 pieces of fairly decent orange equipment as well as a couple of Prophet Orbs.

Should you complete all the quests for this event 6 in total, 1 for each factionexpect a high-level 5-star hero to join your lineup! Luckily, not all events revolve around summoning heroes. Check out some of the following events:. Do you love spending your time in the arena, pitting your wits and hero ensemble against other players? Well, then this PvP event is for you. It consists of a number of different quests, and as always, your goal should be to complete them all in order to claim the ultimate prize usually a 5-star hero.

Most of these quests involve winning battles in the 2 PvP arenas Crystal Crown League and Trial of the Championwhere each battle victory earns you 2 points. Time to put on your gambling hat and join us in the casino!

This event lets you spin the wheel of fortune, where each spin grants you 1 event point for a total maximum of But, as you probably know, one spin also sets you back one Chip, so you better keep a stash of Chips ready for when this event comes around. You can, however, get this down to Chips by investing some real dollars in VIP level 2 which enables you to spin 10 times at once for only 8 Chips a pop.

This event is only for the Common Casino, so using Super Chips in the Super Casino will unfortunately not count towards the points. Definitely the best time to fuse your heroes, since each fusion gives you obscene amounts of Gold, Magic Dust and other essential materials.Please note that we do post contents regarding Idle Heroes events in this page.

For game updates, sneak peeks and new features, please check out the page Idle Heroes Updates! Wishing Fountain Casino. Prophet Orb. Heroic Miracle. Campaign Drop. Gem Box. I n Idle Heroes, Events play one of the most important parts in the gameplay. Events are the main source for players to get valuable items as well as the top-tier Heroes in the game. If you understand how to play out these Event, you can easily earn a lot of rewards and upgrade your team a lot stronger than the others.

We are going to give you the best tips and tricks for making the most of these events in this article! The Events menu in Idle Heroes is locacated at the top left on the screen, as shown in the screenshot! These are the events that last for 30 days and only get reset once per month. Players typically have a lot of times to finish these events so no need to rush at all! During the event, complete specified quests to obtain abundant rewards.

Activate the Monthly Privilege to get bonus rewards. Once players have gotten a certain amount of points, rewards will be transferred to Inbox immediately.

Idle Heroes Events – News, Event Calendar and Guides

If you win all of the battles, you only need Arena Tickets to fully complete the event. However, remember that you have 2 free tickets every day due to the Daily Quests so just do not rush and you will be able to save a lot of tickets by the end of the month. Following the tips above definitely helps you maintain the rank in the Arena, earning consistent rewards every day. Remember to finish all of your left attacks in the Crystal Crown League in the last week.

This is by far one of the most beloved events in Idle Heroes. This event allows you to spend all of the Heroes in your inventory, making your team much stronger. Since you have only one week to complete these events, you need to be well prepared to complete them all in time. One of the biggest weekly events in Idle Heroes. This is a great opportunity for all players to spend the hard-earned Heroic Summon Scrolls during the event.

That's why you should never open the scrolls outside of this event. New Heroes always have better drop-rates during the events.

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